Sunday 27 December 2020

Low cost, space saving squat rack


Low cost, space saving, DIY home squat rack

With gyms closed for most of 2020, due to COVID-19, I decided to set-up my old weight bench and start doing my strength training at home instead.  What I've always lacked, though, is a squat rack.

The problem is, squat racks are expensive.  At least £130 for a cheap, non-adjustable one.  I can't justify that expense, considering the modest amount of strength training I actually do each week.  Also, they take up a lot of space, having a large footprint. It's space that I don't have in my garage.  

My solution has been to build a rack that hangs from the garage ceiling rafters to support the barbell. The function of the lower 'bar catchers'/spotters on a proper squat rack is then achieved using Olympic gymnastic rings and straps.

The timber, hooks and coach bolts cost about £25 from B&Q and Screwfix.  The hooks were rated as 90kg load capacity each (180kg total for two). I'm currently squatting about 70-80kg, so that will be plenty strong enough.  The gymnastic rings and straps cost £10 from Ebay. When I'm not using it, the timbers arms fold upwards and hook onto the ceiling, out of the way.  The video below best shows how it works.


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