Sunday 21 January 2024

Testing Schwalbe's Super Ground versus Super Race tyre versions

Last month I posted the results of the tyre rolling resistance testing I did, in which I compared the Schwalbe's Thunder Burt Super Race against the Continental Race King Protection.

Both are fast tyres, but the Super Race version of the Thunder Burt has never been tested by BRR ( Only the more robust Super Ground version of the Thunder Burt has been tested (see here).  Nevertheless, that Super Ground version of the Schwalbe Thunder Burt is so far the fasted MTB tyre tested by BRR, marginally faster than the Continental Race King Protection. 

In principle, the thinner carcass of the Super Race version of the Thunder Burt should be faster than the Super Ground version.  This is at least what Schwalbe claims.  However, some tests on BRR in the past gave some unexpected results, with the Super Ground version of the Racing Ralph testing a few Watts faster than the Super Race version.  This showed that it's not guaranteed that the Super Race version should be faster tyre, which is what motivated me to do this test.

Test details

For this test I was fortunate to have two new 2.35" Schwalbe tyres, that were brand new and unused until this test.  I had bought both the Super Ground and Super Race tyres in late 2023, so there was minimal uncertainty coming from the effect of any tyre ageing.

I tested the tyres using the same protocol used previously, which I explained in a previous post here.  As for my most recent test though, I used my MTB with its Power2Max spider-mounted power meter which measures total power.  As a consequence, this was one of the best executed and best controlled tests I've done.

I tested the two tyres in an A-B-A-B manner, so both tyres had a repeated test.  In addition, I also test my older 2022 Schwalbe Thunder Burt Super Race tyre first, to check that it gave similar results to last week.


The results are shown again below.  The results are fairly conclusive, showing the Super Race version of the tyre (plotted with purple symbols/lines) being faster than the Super Ground version (plotted in red).

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  1. This is one of my favourite tests and well done it getting those results. It takes time, money and lots of patience. I'm also very impressed your other half allows you to use your bike and rollers in the house. Or have you got a man-cave? :-)