Wednesday 21 October 2020

Zwift folding laptop/ipad table Mk2

In a previous blog post here, I described the folding table that I'd built in 2016, for the purposes of holding my laptop for indoor cycling sessions using Zwift, TrainerRoad etc.

That old table needed to fold up and store flat, because at that time I didn't have a dedicated space for my trainer and bike to be permanently setup.  It had to be set up and collapsed each time I wanted to use it.

In 2000, we extended the rear part of our garage. This extension gave me, amongst other things, a semi-permanent space for my trainer.  The photo above shows the new setup that I've built.

The table is made from plywood and is attached to the wall using door hinges.  The table can fold upwards when it's not in use and store flat against the wall, held in place using cabinet magnets.  The fan is also able to fold inwards, giving me more space on the occasions that I need to put my trainer and bike away and give me more space to do something else.